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Legal fact sheets and forms are available from Arkansas’s legal aid organizations. These materials generally assist with non-criminal cases, like divorce, custody, eviction, etc. Click the button below to search for fact sheets and forms.

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Legal aid is a free service available to low-income Arkansans. Services range from over-the-phone advice to a lawyer to go to court with you.

To see if you’re eligible, call 1.888.540.2941 or click the button below.

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Many Arkansas courts make their records available online.

Click the button below to search for case records, including papers filed by the parties, orders from the judge, criminal records, and scheduled court dates.

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Apply for free legal advice from a volunteer attorney. Advice happens in a secure chatroom. No questions about criminal law are allowed. You will get an email notification when your question is answered.

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Domestic Violence is maintained by the Arkansas Access to Justice Commission & Foundation.